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A1)  What kind of cut is suggested for my application?
Work Piece Material Standard Cut Double Cut NF Cut (Non-Ferrous)
Aluminum     R
Brass   R  
Bronze   R  
Cast Iron   R  
Copper     R
Fiberglass * R  
Inconel   R  
Malleable Iron   R  
Magnesium     R
Masonite * R  
Plastic R    
Steel, Alloy/30-40 Rc   R  
Steel, Alloy/40-55 Rc   *  
Steel, Alloy/55-60 Rc   *  
Carbon Steel   R  
Stainless Steel   R  
Titanium   R  
Zinc     R
  R - Recommended * - Usable Alternative  

A2)  At what RPM should I use my carbide bur?
As you can guess, this will vary greatly according to the material to which you are applying the carbide bur.  Check the chart below for some rough estimates.

Bur Diameter Standard Cut
Stainless Steel, Inconel, Titanium
Standard Cut
All Other Materials in Chart Above
Double Cut
Stainless Steel, Inconel, Titanium
Double Cut
All Other Materials in Chart Above
1/16" 75,000 50,000 37,500 25,000
1/8"  53,000  35,000 26,500 17,500
3/16" 38,000 26,000 19,000 13,000
1/4 33,000 22,000 16,500 11,000
5/16" 30,000 20,000 15,000 10,000
3/8" 27,000 18,000 13,500 9,000
7/16" 26,000 17,500 13,000 8,750
1/2" 24,000 16,000 12,000 8,000
5/8" 23,000 15,300 11,500 7,650
3/4" 21,000 14,000 10,500 7,000
7/8" 20,000 13,000 10,000 6,500
1" 18,000 12,000 9,000 6,000

A3)  What are the requirements to become a distributor?

We have strived to make this process as trouble free as possible.  Simply put, we do not require a minimum order or stocking.  However, we may ask that you provide a copy of your business license or resale certificate of exemption (sales tax exemption).  We reserve the right to refuse a request to become a distributor for any reason.  Although much of the USA and Canada are available for the addition of distributors, there are some geographical areas where it would be undesirable for us to add another distributor.  We value our existing distributors as well as prospective distributors.  Please click here for additional information.


A4)  I use carbide burs, how do I buy your products?

Our products are available through an international network of distributors.  Contact us with your requirements and we will guide you to a distributor in your area.


A5)  How do I get a password for package tracking and online ordering?

Once you become a distributor, fill out this form and we will provide you with a userid and password for access to our online distributor tools.

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