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So, pardner, you think you have what it takes to become a distributor?  Are yuns tired of placing an order and having it arrive in bits-n-pieces over an entire fortnight?  Or perhaps them snake-eyed salesmen cut you off because you weren't able to sell enough at their high prices and with their poor delivery?  So if you are tired of circling the wagons to find tools for your customers then I believe you are ready to give us a try!



The kidding aside, with H. E. Long Company, you will be treated like the valued customer that you are.


Becoming a distributor is easy.  There are no stocking requirements and no minimum order.  Print and complete the following forms and fax them toll-free to 800.210.1246 or mail them to:

Distributor Inquiry
H.E. Long Company
P.O. Box 197
3910 Anderson Road
Morrow, OH  45152

Printable Versions:
Sales Tax Exemption (html)
Sales Tax Exemption (Microsoft Word 57kb)

Company Information (html)
Company Information (Microsoft Word 37kb)




  • Complete line of carbide burs, bur sets, long shank burs, non-ferrous burs, and air tool accessories
  • Orders taken via toll-free phone and fax
  • Will resharpen or recondition any carbide bur
  • Will cross reference competitors part numbers.
  • Private Label - Tools are labeled with SCTI number only
  • Can be used as a second source to fill backorders.
  • Will ship to you or drop ship to your customer
  • All catalog items shipped the same day the order is received.
  • All catalog items IN STOCK

H E Long Company
P.O. Box 197
3910 Anderson Road
Morrow, Ohio 45152 USA
Voice: 513.899.2610 | Fax: 513.899.4094